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The Ayurvedic healing philosophy


How Doshas affect the Health?

Each dosha contributes differently to the human body’s balance and health. Vata governs the body’s movements by regulating the blood flow and breathing, eliminating waste, and controlling the thought process. Pitta supervises the metabolism by controlling digestion, sensory perceptions and cognitive behaviour. Kapha supervises the formation of tissues, lubrication of the joints, weight and growth to create a healthy equation between the mind and body.

Ayurveda believes that an optimum equation of the doshas is the key to an individual’s health. A disturbed equation due to an imbalance in the doshas results in various health issues. At times, an
elevation of one or more of the doshas may upset the body’s balance, resulting in the suppression of the . the progress of the other doshas, causing body ailments.

How does it work?

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3-step Solution To Your Concern

Take The Zomedico Dosha Assessment Questionnaire

Answer simple questions about your hair, skin and immunity to help us assess your Unique Dosha Profile

Get An Ayurvedic Doctor-Approved Dosha Analysis

The Zomedico certified team of Ayurvedic doctors ensure that the ingredients that go into your custom regimen match your inputs given in the Zomedico Dosha Assessment Questionnaire.

Order Your Custom Zomedico Box

Choose a subscription package that suits you and book your custom Zomedico solution!

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This is a Magical Ayurveda Product that has helped my liver and metabolism, only after a few week's consumption the results were visible in overall health. ayurveda really is the safest but when it comes to your health. Thanks Zomedico :)

Concern: Liver Health

The product was good and there was a slight improvement in the reduction of creatinine levels of my father after 1 month of usage now ordered two boxes of this product.The best part of this seller is Customer Support, they immediately took action which is very much appreciated.

Concern: Kidney Health

Amazing product!! I did not get my period in 6 months. I did many tests & the only thing possible was heavy stress. My tummy was swollen and I couldn't really be as active as I hoped. I read the reviews and hoped for a miracle so I ordered these. Now I am happy & highly recommend it.

Concern: Women’s Health

“ Using Zomedico Lifecare Ayurveda “Heartwin” product, my lethargy and tiredness have gone. , I am completely normal with no side effects and no sugar or diabetes is detected now”.

Concern: Diabetes

This Psoricure oil is very effective and easy to use. Psoriasis got cured in 2 weeks. I think we have to continuously use the oil to prevent recurrence.

Concern: Psoriasis

I was 74 kgs before. With proper exercise, diet and this weight reduction combo, I lost upto 9 kgs in 3 months.I feel very good inside and this product certainly helped me to achieve my goals of losing weight efficiently.

Concern: Weight loss

Frequently Asked Questions

Zomedico Life Care is available in 3 pricing options. The options are:

  • 1 Month Trail Plan- Rs. 1999/- You receive 1 month worth of products (Heartwin and Arjuna). You can choose to pay in advance or select 'cash on delivery' too.
  • 3 Months Plan- Rs. 1699/- per month. You receive 1 box a month, for 3 months. You have to make a monthly payment of Rs.1699/-. You can choose 'cash on delivery' too.
  • 6 Months Plan- Rs. 999/- per month. You receive 1 box a month, for 6 months. You have to make a monthly payment of Rs.999/-. You can choose 'cash on delivery' too.

You can order your products with these simple steps:

  • Start by clicking on the “View Plans” button anywhere on this page.
  • Choose the right plan for you - 1 month test plan, 3 month moderate plan or our 6 month maintenance plan
  • Add your address information
  • Choose how you want to pay - You can choose cash on delivery if you prefer
  • Place your order!
Your products will be home-delivered. You will receive products every month for the duration of the plan - 1, 3 or 6 months.

No, we do not recommend the usage of Zomedico Lifecare during pregnancy.

Depending on your area pincode, the product will be delivered maximum within 3-5 working days, or sooner.

Zomedico Lifecare ships free of cost all across India, with the exception of very few areas. Please checkout and add your address to confirm.

As the custom products are interdependent, you cannot buy the products individually. We suggest using all products to gain maximum benefits.

As the products are customized for your particular Disease, the chances of the products having an adverse-effect is quite rare. Our products use 100% natural ingredients and hence further reduce the risk of any side-effects. However, some people can be allergic to natural products. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue use and get in touch with us.

The products take time to actually penetrate your disease. If you stop using the products abruptly, no side effects will follow.

Our products do not give instant results. They give results that last long. Your patience will be worth it. Just keep using the products as instructed and you will see results gradually.

Your inputs in the Zomedico Lifecare Dosha Assessment Questionnaire helps us define the elevated states of your doshas. We customize your regimen based on this information. Your customized products have herbs that pacify your elevated doshas, helping to cure your disease.

Once you take our verified Dosha Assessment Questionnaire, you will be able to understand what exactly your doshas are and their elevated states.

The questionnaire has been prepared and verified by certified Ayurvedic doctors, which adds to the accuracy of our questionnaire.

One can reach out to Zomedico support team for queries at Email: zomedico@gmail.com or Phone: (Toll Free) 8818813786

Yes, if you subscribe to the 3 month or 6 month plan.